4 Common Remapping Q&As

Drivers will always want to get the best out of their cars that they can and often this means looking into smart car remapping and similar to ensure that it is running at optimum level – but what exactly is remapping and how could you and your vehicle benefit? Here are some common questions and answers on this particular topic.

What exactly is remapping?

You may well hear remapping referred to as ECU tuning – when the settings on the engine control unit in the car are altered to improve vehicle performance. Drivers are able to customise how the engine works, allowing them to change the output of their car to suit their personal preferences.

What does remapping do?

Vehicles typically see an increase in power after remapping and you may also find that your car feels a lot faster immediately after tuning has taken place, as well. The engine of your car may also become more responsive, so you could find yourself changing gear less often.

How does it work?

You can change the default settings and software on your ECU via remapping, replacing it with new software that can then be tailored to suit your own specifications. It’s a relatively simple job for a tuning engineer to carry out, although it wouldn’t be wise to attempt to do it yourself unless you know you have the skills and experience in place to do it properly.

Can the remap be reversed?

What’s great about tuning is that it’s completely reversible so if you decide after a point that you’ve made a mistake and don’t like the new way your car drives, you can always go back to how it was before without much trouble at all.

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