AdBlue Solution

Why you may need AdBlue Emulator

EURO environmental standards of the European Union are developed and are valid only in the European Union.

There are many countries with less stringent environmental standards than the European Union so there is no need to use expensive AdBlue liquid and to take care of AdBlue catalytic converter system maintenance.

You can run your truck without AdBlue system without any negative consequences of breaking the law. In this case, you can turn off your AdBlue system of your trucks to save a lot of money and down time waiting for repairs.

Also there are some countries where AdBlue systems can give you a big headache. If you ever tried to run your truck in such countries or regions where the temperature is always or often lower than -10°C (+14°F) you know that all liquids that are similar to water freezes. When AdBlue liquid freezes, it can damage AdBlue system pump. It will surely generate some DTC error codes in the diagnostic system of the truck. DTC errors may lead to power loss or catalytic converter overheating (and that means that you will lose a lot of money and time). In this case, you can use AdBlue Emulator module to override AdBlue system on the truck without any loss of power. Also, it will protect components of AdBlue catalytic converter system by turning them off.

If you have a truck with broken AdBlue catalytic converter system, and it makes your truck unusable due to power loss. You can override this damaged AdBlue system with AdBlue Emulator. Programming emulator on the same model of the truck with working AdBlue system and then connecting it to the vehicle with a broken system. Or you can use AdBlue OFF device (coming soon..) which allows you to override working and damaged AdBlue systems on the truck.

If you’re running your trucks both outside Europe and in Europe, you can use AdBlue Emulator without any problems. You can turn off AdBlue Emulator at any time (it takes about only 2 minutes) and your truck will start using AdBlue liquid as usual. In this case, the main advantage of the AdBlue Emulator module is that you can choose wherever you want to use it or turn it off.
AdBlue Emulators are available on our online shop. It’s a 2’nd generation AdBlue Emulators which now fully compatible with Volvo trucks. AdBlue Emulator modules are made in Europe and offer the highest quality. AdBlue Scania, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Iveco, Renault, Volvo, DAF.

For more information about AdBlue Emulator Box modules, please contact us.
Suitable for use on the following vehicles: MAN, SCANIA, IVECO, DAF, VOLVO, MERCEDES-BENZ and RENAULT.

About AdBlue Emulators

  • Adblue systems can be very expensive to fix when they go wrong, some dealers are charging over £5000 for this
  • Adblue can increase your vehicles fuel usage, removing it will help you save fuel
  • Most modern trucks have intelligent systems meaning with an ADBLUE fault they go into limp mode with reduced engine power, it will get you home but you cannot successfully operate a vehicle in this condition.
  • We take no responsibility if this device is fitted contrary to any applicable legislation..

    AdBlue Solution

    • We are now able to offer Ecu Tech Blue, an emulator module that can be fitted to your truck quickly
    • Removes the need to put Adblue solution in your vehicle’s system.
    • Without Adblue, newer vehicles will lack power significantly and have multiple warning messages on the display unit, this module is designed so that you can bypass all of this.

    AdBlue Removal Advantages

    • Full vehicle performance
    • No error messages
    • This item is intended for use in areas where AdBlue legislation is not in place or where Adblue legislation generally does not apply such as off road or racing.
    • Emulator device usage is illegal in some countries, especially in countries of the European Union. You can buy and hold this device without any problems, but using it will cause higher exhaust gas emissions and your truck will not meet EURO 4, EURO 5 and EURO 6 ecological standards anymore (while SCR Emulator is connected and working properly) which are required in European Union. Our product is oriented to countries where there are no laws requiring EURO 4/5/6 ecological standards compliance.
    • Emulator allows you to reduce ecological standard of your truck by stopping DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) supply system in the SCR catalyst, this is enough to save a lot of money on DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) refills if you can use your truck without compliance with EURO 4/5/6 standards in your country. By buying this device you take full responsibility for the use of the device and the associated consequences. It’s your personal decision to use SCR Emulator or not. We will not take any responsibility for any consequences associated with usage of SCR Emulator device.