Problems with a Diesel Particulate Filter!

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Have you got problems with your Diesel Particulate Filter or more commonly known as a dpf or fap?

Is your dpf light constantly on on your dash board? or has your car lost all power and gone into limp mode? or does your car struggle to do a DPF regeneration ? If the answer is yes to any of the above questions then we have the answer for you.
Please don't be fooled into using magic chemicals that the sellers claim will fix your DPF, if they work at all they are only a short term fix, contact us & FIX IT PERMANENTLY !!!!

Contact us free of charge.

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Emulator now available for most vehicles, (an emulator is needed for some vehicles that can't be re-programmed through the ECU), please enquire to see if its the best solution for your vehicle.

(Lexus Toyota and some other vehicles need to use an emulator to get a successful DPF deletion).
Must vehicles can be done via the OBD socket or direc connection to the ECU.

This is one example of a DPF, the internal makeup of the DPF is similar to a series of drinking straws fixed together and bent over at the ends so that the exhaust emissions are forced to pass through the walls of the filter and in doing so deposit particles contained in the exhaust gasses, once these particles have built up within the filter the pressure sensors detect a different pressure or a build up of pressure and fluid or extra diesel is introduced either into the engine or directly into the DPF to burn off the particles and clear the deposits from the filter (known as passive regeneration).

One of the problems with this system is when a vehicle is only doing short journeys, the engine may not get sufficiently hot to regen, so the deposits build up within the filter and a warning filter light comes on the dash, if the vehicle is then taken up to temp then it may be possible to force a regeneration and clear the filter but it doesn't totally clear and over time the part that isn't cleared by regen builds up and you have a totally blocked DPF and your vehicle may have a number of symptoms, limp mode, poor performance, poor MPG, engine management lights and in some cases the filter can be so blocked up the vehicle will not even start.

ECU Tech Tune are now able to offer removal from ECU & vehicle or just from ECU if you have a mechanic or garage that can carry out the physical removal.

Alfa: Audi: BMW: Citroen: Chevrolet: Chrysler: Dodge: Fiat: Ford: Honda: Hyundai: Jaguar: Jeep: Kia: Lancia: Landrover: Lexus: Mazda: Mercedes: Mini: Nissan: Opel: Peugeot: Renault: Saab: Seat: Skoda: Toyota:Vauxhall: Volkswagen: Volvo:

If your vehicle is not on the list please ring us as we are adding more vehicles regularly, or for more info and advice.

We can also remove the Anti Pollution warning fault preventing limp home mode on early Peugeot HDI`s with FAP installed, the empty/faulty FAP system can remain...