Millions Put Off Car Servicing Over Fears Of Repair Costs

Millions of drivers in the UK are putting off having their car serviced because they are worried about unexpected bills to fix problems.

That’s the finding of a new survey by the RAC, which revealed that 47 per cent of UK drivers worry about being landed with an unexpected bill following a vehicle service, and that these worries are enough for 24 per cent to put off booking a service altogether.

This equates to some 3.8 million drivers in the UK, the breakdown organisation revealed. It also suggests that there could be millions of cars on the country’s roads that are not in the best condition.

Lauren French, RAC MOT Assist product manager, commented: “The best advice to any driver is to keep on top of servicing and maintenance work – the quicker problems are identified, often the cheaper they are to remedy.”

In addition to a regular service, you may also want to spend money on car tuning in Manchester, to ensure your motor is always running at its most efficient.

The RAC research also found that over half (52 per cent) of Brits have paid more than £300 to put a car through its MOT, indicating that many wait until the annual road safety test to check the condition of their vehicles.

Earlier this year, a survey by Halfords Autocentres found that a worrying 47 per cent of drivers believe that once their car passes its MOT, its safety is guaranteed for the coming 12 months. In addition, 42 per cent of those questioned said that they don’t have their car serviced but rely solely on their MOT to identify any faults with their auto.

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