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Special Offer All ECU Remapping & Chip Tuning (via OBD port) from £195.00 each.
For a limited Time ONLY

A remap is the modern way of re-tuning your engine for better economy, power and efficiency. It is the most up to date and effective form of tuning that is often known as ‘chipping’, (although no replacement chip is needed on modern ECU’s), because we directly reprogram your existing ECU, via the diagnostic port (OBD port) or on the protected ECUs direct to the board.  No mechanical engine modifications are necessary, but if you have made some mods to your engine tell us what they are and we can produce a map specifically for your vehicle.

Turbo-diesels and turbo-petrol cars can gain 20% to 35% extra BHP and torque, while normally aspirated petrol cars will typically gain around 8%.
The most common requirement even from drivers of cars such as Porsche 911s and Mini Coopers is for better flexibility – to improve the drive at town speeds where more responsiveness and the ability to change gear less frequently can transform the driving experience.  Though they gain less power than turbocharged cars, vehicles such as BMWs with normally aspirated engines can still be improved with noticeable increases to pulling power and throttle response, as well as more higher in the rev range.

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This applies to our mobile remap service for ecu remap Manchester,
ecu remap Northwest, ecu remap Cheshire, ecu remap Merseyside, ecu remap Lancashire,

ecu remap Stockport, ecu remap Oldham, ecu remap Rochdale,
ecu remap Bury, ecu remap Bolton, ecu remap Blackburn,
ecu remap Preston, ecu remap Wigan, ecu remap Chorley,
ecu remap Standish, ecu remap Orrel, ecu remap Horwich,
ecu remap Farnworth, ecu remap Atherton, ecu remap Tyldesley,
ecu remap Hindley, ecu remap Worsley,
ecu remap Swinton, ecu remap Leigh, ecu remap Eccles,
ecu remap Salford, ecu remap Urmston, ecu remap Stretford,
ecu remap Sale, ecu remap Altrincham,ecu remap  Hale,
ecu remap Hale Barnes, ecu remap Bowdon,
ecu remap Wythenshawe, ecu remap Didsbury, ecu remap Handforth,
ecu remap Wilmslow, ecu remap Cheadle, ecu remap Bramhall,
ecu remap Poynton, ecu remap Disley,ecu remap Prestbury,
ecu remap Bollington, ecu remap Alderley Edge,
ecu remap Macclesfield, ecu remap Knutsford, ecu remap Mobberley,
ecu remap Warrington, ecu remap St Helens, ecu remap Kirkby,
ecu remap Prescot, ecu remap Huyton,ecu remap  Liverpool,
ecu remap Widnes, ecu remap Runcorn, ecu remap Ellesmere Port,
ecu remap Frodsham, ecu remap Chester, ecu remap The Wirral,
ecu remap Northwich, ecu remap Congelton,  ecu remap Stoke.

And applies to our dealerships in other locations.
Please phone for confirmation and booking.

All vehicles listed on web site
included in this offer.
Excludes HGV’s, and Tractors.

Alfa Romeo Alpina AMG Aston Martin Audi Bentley BMW Chevrolet
ChryslerCitroen Daewoo Dodge Ferrari Fiat Ford Honda Hyundai Jaguar Jeep Kia
Land Rover Maserati Mazda Mercedes Benz MG Min Mitsubishi Nissan Peugeot Porsche Renault Saab Seat Skoda Smart Suzuki Ssangyong

Vauxhall Volkswagen Volvo

OBD 2 ECU Remapping ONLY, other mobile remapping services subject to terms.
ecu remaps Manchester, ecu remaps Northwest, ecu remaps Cheshire, ecu remaps Merseyside, ecu remaps Lancashire,

ecu remaps Stockport, ecu remaps Oldham, ecu remaps Rochdale,
ecu remaps Bury, ecu remaps Bolton, ecu remaps Blackburn,
ecu remaps Preston, ecu remaps Wigan, ecu remaps Chorley,
ecu remaps Standish, ecu remaps Orrel, ecu remaps Horwich,
ecu remaps Farnworth, ecu remaps Atherton, ecu remaps Tyldesley,
ecu remaps Hindley, ecu remaps Worsley,
ecu remaps Swinton, ecu remaps Leigh, ecu remaps Eccles,
ecu remaps Salford, ecu remaps Urmston, ecu remaps Stretford,
ecu remaps Sale, ecu remaps Altrincham,ecu remaps  Hale,
ecu remaps Hale Barnes, ecu remaps Bowdon,
ecu remaps Wythenshawe, ecu remaps Didsbury, ecu remaps Handforth,
ecu remaps Wilmslow, ecu remaps Cheadle, ecu remaps Bramhall,
ecu remaps Poynton, ecu remaps Disley,ecu remaps Prestbury,
ecu remaps Bollington, ecu remaps Alderley Edge,
ecu remaps Macclesfield, ecu remaps Knutsford, ecu remaps Mobberley,
ecu remaps Warrington, ecu remaps St Helens, ecu remaps Kirkby,
ecu remaps Prescot, ecu remaps Huyton,ecu remaps  Liverpool,
ecu remaps Widnes, ecu remaps Runcorn, ecu remaps Ellesmere Port,
ecu remaps Frodsham, ecu remaps Chester, ecu remaps The Wirral,
ecu remaps Northwich, ecu remaps Congelton,  ecu remaps Stoke.

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ecu remapping Manchester, ecu remapping Northwest, ecu remapping Cheshire, ecu remapping Merseyside, ecu remapping Lancashire,

ecu remapping Stockport, ecu remapping Oldham, ecu remapping Rochdale,
ecu remapping Bury, ecu remapping Bolton, ecu remapping Blackburn,
ecu remapping Preston, ecu remapping Wigan, ecu remapping Chorley,
ecu remapping Standish, ecu remapping Orrel, ecu remapping Horwich,
ecu remapping Farnworth, ecu remapping Atherton, ecu remapping Tyldesley,
ecu remapping Hindley, ecu remapping Worsley,
ecu remapping Swinton, ecu remapping Leigh, ecu remapping Eccles,
ecu remapping Salford, ecu remapping Urmston, ecu remapping Stretford,
ecu remapping Sale, ecu remapping Altrincham,ecu remapping  Hale,
ecu remapping Hale Barnes, ecu remapping Bowdon,
ecu remapping Wythenshawe, ecu remapping Didsbury, ecu remapping Handforth,
ecu remapping Wilmslow, ecu remapping Cheadle, ecu remapping Bramhall,
ecu remapping Poynton, ecu remapping Disley,ecu remapping Prestbury,
ecu remapping Bollington, ecu remapping Alderley Edge,
ecu remapping Macclesfield, ecu remapping Knutsford, ecu remapping Mobberley,
ecu remapping Warrington, ecu remapping St Helens, ecu remapping Kirkby,
ecu remapping Prescot, ecu remapping Huyton,ecu remapping  Liverpool,
ecu remapping Widnes, ecu remapping Runcorn, ecu remapping Ellesmere Port,
ecu remapping Frodsham, ecu remapping Chester, ecu remapping The Wirral,
ecu remapping Northwich, ecu remapping Congelton,  ecu remapping Stoke.