Bespoke Remapping

Special Offer - from £ 195 each, for all remaps via the OBD port.

ECU Tech Tune in association with Quantum Tuning are specialists in custom development we are one of the few developers that have the ability skill and knowledge to produce a fully custom remap to your exact requirements.

Why us ?

ECU Tech Tune are at the forefront of development and have been for many years developing with road and track applications to produce fantastic results such as our 5.0 V10 RS6 producing 140 BHP and 160 NM Extra.With many years of experience and our leading backing by both main agents and insurance companys you can be assured of the quality of our work.

How is this done ?

Many parameters are changed when developing a custom remap such as :

  • Boost Pressure
  • Fuel pressure
  • Timing
  • EGR
  • The timing of fuel & boost pressure

The above is changed every time although this may not sound like a lot, this all has to be put together in perfect harmony every time to ensure we exceed your expectations.

ECU Tech Tune switchable ECU Remapping , With the ECU TT, Uflash you have control of your vehicles performance with a touch of a button ...

ECU Tech Tune develop 2 remaps to your requirements taken from data stored within the ECU of the vehicle. The Uflash then will store the standard Map and 2 upgraded maps allowing you to pick and choose as many times as you wish.

The most common request is for a selection of one performance uprade and one economy upgrade however you are not restricted to this, any map to any spec can be developed and added to the unit at any time.

Diagnostic funtions our Uflash can perform diagnostic tests to read and clear fault codes on many applications.

Price on application.

Below are the simple steps to using the  unit.

  1. Read the vehicles data
  2. Email us with the data attached
  3. We will send the requested files back
  4. Load the desired remaps to the Vehicle
  5. Enjoy

If you have any questions regarding the Uflash feel free to contact us via phone or Email

Contact us free of charge.

07950 000113