Special Offer - from £ 195 each, for all remaps via the OBD port.

Do you store the standard settings for vehicle ?

Yes ECU Tech Tune backup all remaps on both our main database and if you have an authorised local dealer remap on your vehicle they will also have the standard setting. You may even have your remap sent Via Email or disc for £10 for peace of mind.

How many times can my vehicle be remapped ?

Simply there is no limit the ECU can be "Flashed" as many times as you wish regardless of file format.

Are there any risk's when my vehicle is being remapped ?

For as long as you use an authorised ECU Tech Tune dealer you will not have an issue we use state of the art equipment to read and write we can even recover most faulty ecu's

Is Remapping and Chipping (Chip Tuning) the same ?

Many people think that remapping and chipping is the same this is a common misconception chipping and some chip tuning is a physical process and is done by removing and changing the EPROM chip from within the ecu.

Remapping is the modern method this leaves little room for error due to data being stored and flashed its almost like saving a file to your PC or laptop. There is another method that can be used to remap an ecu this is called BDM and this metod takes on both methods by removing the ECU and "Flashing" the CHIP wilst still attached to the ecu.

What happens if my ecu has a fault ?

ECU Tech Tune always perform diagnostic tests to pick up any present faults within the ECU

How is a remap performed ?

  1. We use our equipment to read the data from the ECU
  2. We then copy the data (Remap) to our editing software and create a map to your requirements
  3. The Data is then converted to Binary Hex code
  4. The data is now ready to be "Flashed" back to the ECU

This normaly will take 3.5 Hours for a Custom remap & 1.5 Hours for a generic map

Why do the manufactures not remap to produce higher BHP and better fuel consuption ?

Manufacturers do remap vehicles and charge a huge amount for the pleasure for instance the Mercedes sprinter use's one engine and has 6 different power outputs this is due to the remapping.

Manufacturers must  allow for the fact that the vehicle could be going anywhere in the world. This is significant because they have to allow for constantly hot climates very cold climates, and very poor fuels. They also have to allow for customers abusing the vehicle, for example completely missing services. When we re-map your vehicle, it’s mainly for performance/economy, however, it is also fine tuning the engine to run perfectly, as each individual engine is different.

Will my ECU be removed ?

97% of the time we can remap cars through the OBD2 Diagnostics Connector, sometimes its not possible to communicate through the OBD2 usually this happens if the cars ECU has been tampered with before. So we simply have to remove the ECU from the Car and remap it on the bench in boot mode. There is an extra charge if we have to remove the ECU or a labour charge if you do not want us to remove the ECU.

Should i tell my insurance company ?

Yes ECU Tech Tune advise that you tell your insurance company regardless of vehicle and remap style... Economy tuning is normally cheaper however this will depend upon your insurer. ECU Tech Tune take no responsibility for your vehicles insurance.

Do you Create the software or are you a franchise ? 

ECU Tech Tune in association with Elite Remaps are developers of remaps all work is done "in house" by our team we do have many dealers that work under our name or use software provided by us.

What if my car is not on your application list ?

If your vehicle is not listed contact us as we will be able to provide a soulution for 95 % of applications

If there are any other questions you wish to ask feel free to contact a member of our team.

Contact us free of charge.

07950 000113      Info@ecutechtune.co.uk