Stage 1,2,3 Remaps.

Special Offer - from £ 195 each, for all remaps via the OBD port.

Stage One is a specially produced remap for your vehicle. It has been designed to work with a standard or lightly upgraded vehicle to produce  impressive performance improvement and drivability, not forgetting  fuel economy, smoothness and boost levels (if applicable).

Stage Two builds on the base of the Stage One remap allowing for upgrades such as  Hybrid Turbos, FMICs (intercooler), downpipes, exhausts and induction kits etc. This allows us to obtain the best possible outcomes, also allowing you the opportunity to tailor your driving experience by telling us exactly how you like your car to behave and how you wish the increased power to be delivered.

 Stage Three is the ultimate upgrade  for your vehicle. Taking into account for larger upgrades such as
- Larger Turbos
- Larger Injectors
By appointment only as access to our dyno needs to be booked in advance.

Just about any upgrade can be catered for as our stage 3 remaps are semi custom meaning we can work upon a base remap and develop a map to suit the upgrades you have.

If you do not get a response within 24hours please contact us by phone as your email may have been missed.

Contact us free of charge.

07950 000113