Should Drivers Lobby For A Diesel Scrappage Scheme?

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has suggested that drivers should lobby the government for diesel scrappage scheme because many people purchased diesel vehicles on previous government advice.

Speaking to Auto Express he stressed that it’s time to switch away from diesel powered vehicles to electric models, but noted that those who bought diesel vehicles years ago did “the right thing”.

The reason he believes it’s important for the government to introduce a national scrappage scheme for these motors is because he doesn’t want people to go back to petrol.

Tax breaks for diesel models were introduced initially because they have lower CO2 emissions than their petrol counterparts. However, it has since been discovered that diesel cars emit more particulate matter and nitrogen oxide (NOx), which pose health risks.

Mr Khan stated: “I’m saying to the government, help these drivers with a national diesel scrappage scheme, because many poor-income families and small businesses can’t do so.”

If you have a diesel car, it’s essential that you keep it in good working order and that means making sure your diesel particulate filter (DPF) is working as it should. If you think there’s a problem in this area, get help with a DPF fix in Manchester.

Bristol is the latest city grappling with air pollution that’s considering cracking down on diesel vehicles. The city’s council is reportedly considering banning diesel vehicles from the centre for eight hours a day because of the dangerously high levels of NOx recorded in the city centre.

This is just one option being considered though. The other is introducing a clean air zone, which would charge HGVs, buses, vans and taxis to drive in the city centre.

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