Think Tank Recommends Higher Fuel Prices

The conservative think tank Bright Blue has published a report recommending a range of measures for the government to take to help improve the UK’s air quality.

According to the organisation, steps should include ending the freeze on fuel duty and scrapping VAT on the purchase of ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEVs).

Bright Blue also suggested that there should be an ongoing surcharge for vehicle excise duty (VED) on new diesel cars in the country. This would mean that after the first year of VED, which is currently higher for new diesel cars than their petrol counterparts, the rates would stay higher for diesel vehicles.

At present VED on comparable petrol and diesel models is the same from the second year.

But there was also a recommendation that petrol vehicles should be fitted with a filter similar to the DPFs fitted in all diesel vehicles. According to the think tank, some petrol models can emit more particulate matter (PM) than diesel vehicles that are fitted with a DPF.

It suggested that all existing vehicles should have to fit gasoline particulate filters (GPFs) to reduce the amount of PM they emit. Having one installed could be a condition of an MOT pass, it added.

Researcher at Bright Blue and co-author of the report William Nicolle commented: “The UK government needs new, ambitious legal limits, legal responsibilities and policies on air pollution.”

If you have a diesel vehicle and aren’t sure if the DPF is functioning properly, take it to a DPF doctor in Manchester to get it checked and repaired if necessary.  

We recently pointed out how important your DPF is when your vehicle goes in for its annual MOT due to the new, stricter emissions standards set out in the new test.

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