1.2 TDI PD 75 BHP

The 1.4 TDi engine utilises a VNT Garrett Turbo charger and side mounted intercooler which provide good performance from the PD engine. We utilise torque limiters in our modified software to ensure the engine speeds reach 2,250rpm before bringing in maximum torque, this ensures a higher lbft torque figure to be achieved whilst maintaining clutch life. Like all the PD engines, turbo upgrades provide for massive power gains should you wish to go further…

M : 07950 000113 
E :

07950 000113

1.2 TDI PD 75 BHP

Please find below details of what ECU Tech Tune can do for you. Whether your looking for a straight forward generic remap or wanting the flexablity of a fully custom remap. Gains quoted act as a guide as every application & data log is different, no two engines are exactly the same, but we will get the best out of your vehicle for you.

Please be advised we are constantly updating the information, if your model is not shown or the spec is not shown please contact us for clarification, also if the performance figures are incorrect please let us know.

Engine Capacity:
Standard Power (Bhp):
Standard Power (Bhp):
Standard Torque (NM):
Standard Torque (NM):
Mobile Service Available: Economy Map Available:
eMotion Available: Money back Guarentee:
Expected MPG Increase

+ 3-6

Mobile Service Available: Yes Economy Map Available: Yes
Switchable Upgrade Available: Yes Money back Guarantee: Yes
Bespoke Options
Speed Limiters Yes EGR Valve Delete: Yes
FAP/DPF Delete Yes Diagnostic CAN/K-Line: Yes
Chip Replacement / BDM Yes Tuning Unit (Plug & Play): Yes

07950 000113