Why Your DPF Is Important For Your MOT

It’s been over one year since the new MOT test rules were introduced in the UK and the Birmingham Mail has highlighted how cars and other vehicles are performing in the annual road safety tests.

Sharing figures obtained by Green Flag, the news provider noted that 33 per cent of vehicles failed the new test, with nine per cent failing with a ‘dangerous’ result.

One of the things that the new MOT introduced was stricter emissions tests for all vehicles, but it’s something that is particularly applicable to diesel cars and vans. That’s because of the emissions these kinds of vehicles produce.

For example, under the new rules, if your diesel vehicle puts out any smoke, it will fail its MOT.

The newspaper noted that testers have also been told to carry out a thorough inspection of the diesel particulate filter (DPF) to ensure it hasn’t been tampered with or removed.

While some drivers have removed their DPFs to boost the performance of their vehicles, others have disassembled them to disable them, but left the DPF casing in place. If either of these things have occured, the car will instantly fail its MOT.

If you’re worried about the condition of your DPF, take it to a DPF doctor in Manchester before you go for your MOT.

Sometimes your DPF can get clogged up and just need a good clean. This is especially likely if you have a diesel car that’s not driven long distances or at high revs, as the engine doesn’t have an opportunity to burn off the soot that gathers here.

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