Winter Driving Hints And Tips

While it can be fortunate that the UK doesn’t suffer the extreme winters that some countries experience, it can mean that when the snow and ice does arrive, we are often unprepared. Manchester car tuning experts have a guide to keep you safe on the roads this winter.

The RAC has a list of common myths about winter driving, and there’s much to consider when taking to the roads in cold, icy conditions. Keep yourself and your car in one piece by taking note of these handy tips.

Before setting off on any journey, pack an emergency kit comprising of a snow shovel, first aid kit, ice scraper, de-icer, blanket, torch, warm clothing, and always make sure your mobile phone is fully charged.

It is a legal requirement to make sure that all your windows are free from ice and snow, for complete all round visibility, and it’s also required that all lights front and back, and your number plate are not obscured either.

Correct tyre choice is essential all year round, and always make sure there is at least 3mm of grip on each tyre. For the colder seasons, change your tyres to an ‘all-season’ or winter variety, to make sure you have the best available grip on icy and wet roads.

Everything take a little more time in winter, so take it slow. Avoid wheel spin when pulling away by putting your car in to 2nd gear, and gently accelerating. Keep a good distance between yourself and the car in front, remembering that stopping distances are much greater in wet and icy conditions.

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