Your Guide To Remapping

When you’ve invested in a high-performance car like a Ferrari you want it to operate at its optimum level every time you get it on the road.

Every modern car is controlled by computer software these days, and this is designed to ensure it performs within certain parameters. What remapping does is replace this programming with new software that allows you to further optimise the performance of your auto and customise it.

Most people use Ferrari remapping to ensure they’re getting the maximum torque and power from their engine.

It’s worth noting that remapping permanently alters the car’s engine control unit (ECU), so it is something you need to consider carefully before you go ahead with it.

You should also make sure that any firm that carries out remapping offers a lifetime warranty on the software they install so that you’re protected in case it malfunctions. Remapping can void the warranty from the manufacturer, so this is another thing to look into before you go ahead.

If you’re wondering why manufacturers build cars that don’t allow the engines to operate at their peak efficiency, it’s because they are typically installing similar engines in many models and altering their performance using computer software rather than changing out parts.

A post for Car Buyer, last year noted that another reason is that manufacturers need to ensure their vehicles can perform in all conditions, including extreme cold and heat. That means that remapping can have “impressive results” in a country such as the UK that rarely experiences such extremes.

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