Economy Remapping

Special Offer - from £ 195 each, for all remaps via the OBD port.

Economy Remapping is suitable for many vehicles, diesel vehicles will benifit from remapping we can provide software for applications such as.

- Road Vehicles
- Van's
- Cars
- HGV / Lorrys
- Generators and heavy plant equipment.

What is changed

- Fuel adjustments: pressure, timing , pulse
- Boost (Turbo Pressure) where applicable : Pressure,spool time,Span of pressure
- Timing
- Spark advance (for petrol Vehicles)


The simple equation is as follows,

More Torque (at lower revs) + Higher Gear = More MPG

There are many other factors but this is the key to saving money on fuel and reducing co2

On average our clients gain 10-15% on their mpg.

For more information on economy remapping for Diesel & Petrol applications contact us via phone or Email.


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